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Ridgeland, MS | Rainbow Baby Newborn Photos | Miles

I had the honor of taking the maternity photos for this little love’s momma and now his newborn ones, too! Along the way, I learned of the journey it took to see this sweet face. You’ll get to read all about Miles’ parent’s road and preparation to parenthood, but I must point out that although at first glance this photo may seem alarming. This is actually the beautiful evidence of both the longing heart of a momma to have a child and hold her baby and that of the providence, faithfulness and goodness of God that you see here. From his very early beginnings to this now precious bundle of joy, I introduce to you, Miles.

April and Bobby Stephenson
Miles Ezra

We met through a mutual friend who worked with Bobby.


We took a trip to Disney World when I was 16 weeks and took announcement pictures in front of Cinderella’s Castle with a pair of Mickey Ears we had made for the baby.

pinitWhat was the best, most surprising or most difficult thing being pregnant?

We never imagined it would take so long to have a baby.  We had difficulty getting pregnant the first year and a half.  We finally got pregnant, but lost that baby at 12 weeks.  After that, it was another 3 years with fertility medications, 3 rounds of IUI, and 1 round of IVF that we finally got our miracle baby.  We did multiple injections a day for 1 month, followed by an injection of progesterone IM every night for the first trimester.  It was very difficult, but well worth it!!!

Did you find out the gender beforehand? What were both Mom and Dad’s reactions.
Yes, I went in to the doctor at 18 weeks for contractions and the sono tech said she could clearly see the gender. I had her place it in an envelope and we opened it together that night. We had a gender reveal for our friends and family 2 weeks later on my birthday. It was, of course, Disney themed!
pinitHow did baby prep go?
We slowly picked out bedding and nursery items throughout the pregnancy. We thought we were mostly prepared. When I got induced early, I decided to order everything else we needed while I was in labor, to pass the time. Clearly we weren’t as ready as we thought, because we came home to 13 boxes at the door! Bobby said I was clearly trying to keep the UPS man busy.

I went to my 38 week appointment on Monday, the 10th. My pressure was elevated and Miles was not moving very well. When the doctor came in to see me, she said today is the day. I rushed to my chiropractor appointment and then my hair stylist worked me in and did my hair, eyebrows, and toenails. She said she was not about to let me go ibto labor with vad roots! Iit was a very chaotic day!

He was the spitting image of his Daddy!
He was so adorable! I cried for 20 minutes! I was just so overwhelmed by everything we had gone through to get him here over the last 5 years. It was just all so surreal!

Overwhelming for sure. Even though I work with babies every day in the hospital, I did not realize how much work it takes to care for them! I would not trade it for anything in tge world, though! I just love watching him become more and more alert! We take pictures of his facial expressions nonstop!
Our session was amazing! Destiny had so much patience with Miles and made everything feel so effortless! It is very hard to find that in the photography world! I could not have asked for a better session!
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