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The first thing I noticed when I saw her was her gorgeous hair! Meet precious Maren. I had taken her big sister, Linley’s newborn photos a few years prior and remember that she didn’t have nearly the hair that Maren does. What a pretty little surprise for her parents on her birthday! I know with […]

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    Miss Maren is thought to be the caboose in my family of grandchildren. She is the youngest of my 5 grandchildren…3 grands by my daughter Jessica and 2 grands by my son Ben.
    Yes this Pops loves them all and all of them have slept in their grandfathers’ favorite position….in the recliner chair lying on Pops’ belly! So say I’m blessed is an understatement.ReplyCancel

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      You’re surely blessed, indeed! ReplyCancel

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    Glad Jessica and Ryan could add to the already enormous Davis family. Love you guys ♥️ReplyCancel

Meet Isla, the third sweet newborn welcomed into this family. I had the pleasure of taking older siblings, Stella Kate and Douglas’ newborn photos also and have loved getting to know them over the years! Check out a few highlights from Isla’s newborn session and read all about her beginnings as written by her mommy. […]

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Meet Jack and Su and their beautiful family! I had the pleasure of welcoming them to the studio in Brandon recently and was captivated by their energy and connection with each other. Their three daughters are simply breathtaking! The love big sisters, Mina and Ana already lavish on their newborn baby sister, Emma is endearing […]

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    They are so precious.
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Meet Selena and see her beautiful newborn photos! What a blessing she is!   Parents: David and Lisa Baby’s Name: Selena Naomi How did Mom & Dad meet? Serving tables at El Potrillo in Brandon How did you tell family and friends you were expecting? A pregnancy was unexpected from us, so it was interesting to […]

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    Selena is so lovely! She’s lucky to have such wonderful parents!ReplyCancel

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    I meet Selena at the hospital on her chosen birthday. My husband Dennis and I have known her daddy, David for about 10 years. We got the pleasure of meeting her mommy right before Selena was born but we have become great friends and Selena has the most loving family a baby can have. I am so happy for their family.ReplyCancel

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    Best wishes to the mother and father and of course Selena!ReplyCancel

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    Such precious pictures! Love the Q&A part too, it makes you feel like you’re part of everything from the beginning. Selena is adorable and I love how these pictures make her look even more like an angel!ReplyCancel

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    I love the picture, love the name. Selena is a doll. So happy for you LISA & DavidReplyCancel

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    I couldn’t be happier for Lisa and David! Lisa and I lived down the street from one another for years, so it makes my heart swell to see my childhood best friend find her happiness in David and sweet Selena. The photos are beautiful! Selena is a treasure! ReplyCancel

  • they turned out really nicely! selena is adorableReplyCancel

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    These photos are precious! Selena is a living doll! ❤️ReplyCancel

  • Whenever a child is conceived, is always a blessing. Selena is very beautiful. Cherish every moment with her as she grows. Girls need that in their life. I know because I have two little ones of my own. Best of luck to the both of you.ReplyCancel

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